Who We Are

Kyambala Motor Garage  has been meeting and will continue to meet the day to day needs of vehicle owners for quality service at an affordable rate.

We understand the importance of a reliable and well maintained fleet of vehicles. To ensure this whilst controlling costs, we procure genuine spare parts and make strict supervision of workmanship.

Our company  has a sizeable and experienced team of professionals, including mechanics, panel beaters, welders, engineers, and specialists. 

Our Services

Man with checking car engine.

Car diagnosis

We aim to determine what needs to be fixed or replaced to restore the car’s functionality


Pannel beating and spraying

We restore the bodywork of a damaged vehicle by removing dents, scratches

A closeup of control buttons on the steering wheel of a luxury car under the lights

Steering dumper

This services helps to reduce vibrations and stabilize the steering

wheel alignment

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is an important part of routine vehicle maintenance and should be performed whenever new tires are installed

Close up Auto mechanic hand pouring and replacing fresh oil into car engine at auto repair garage. Automobile maintenance and industry concept

Oil Change

This service involves draining the old engine oil from a vehicle and replacing it with fresh oil.


Mechanical Training

This service is designed to teach students the skills needed to diagnose and repair different types of vehicles

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