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About Us

Akamwenhu Initiative Uganda

We are a philanthropic foundation that is on a mission to improve the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable children, young people and the local church in Ugandan communities.

Our Core Values


We collaborate, understand our interdependence so we work we work as a team. Our mission can only be accomplished through the role of others 

Respect for Humanity 

Regardless of gender, ethinicity, age and faith, everyone is held valued, respected and equal

Service Centredness

Our Truine God calls us to live and serve beyond self. In our deliberations, we put community above personal and individual consideration 


We think long-term as we seek innovation, economic viability in balancing the community wheel


We act with responsiveness. We are open, honest and so serve as we demand ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism, competence and financial stewardship 

Community First

Community is everything so we belong. We are all interdependants with shared goals and norms 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our passion is for having a positive impact on the lives of society's most disadvantaged and vulnaerable people in the driving force behind everything we do

Our Vission

To encourage self-sustainability, strength the family unit in our communities and to achieve prosperous lives and welfare of villages

Founders motivation

I believe in the power to love and unite and transform people's lives and the live and the chain continues when transformed people transform as transformed people transform communities

About Akamwenhu Initiative

Our population is confronted with a couple of bottlenecks as this underdeveloped nation experiences the remedies of economic growth. The greatest hinderances to overcome includes extreme poverty, limited formal education, limited access to vocational training, high unemployment rates, restricted access to market, teenage and single parent households and financial services. Regardless of theses bottlenecks, the greatest natural endowment our country possesses is our people. The Smile’s mission is to identify and equip communities throughout Uganda by utilizing a wholistic Bible based approach in trainings which will impact the economic status of families with in the communities to build and change their lives

Our programs range from Vulnerable Young Mothers Transition Program, Small Enterprise Development and Training Programs, Stewardship and Skills Trainings, Group Micro-Finance Support and Trainings, Creativity and Innovation Support Program, Relief and Compassion Program and Local based Trainings in partnership with local church communities. These programs are tailored towards encouraging self-sustainability, Build and Change lives for a prosperous community