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The beginning

Mystical Rose Foundation (U)

Mystical Rose Foundation Uganda traces its origin to a collective vision of then three young boys who shared a profound commitment to advancing health and well-being of people in rural Uganda. The three include Godfrey Ssebikyu, Martin Senfuma and Joseph Ssonko.
Godfrey, Joseph and Martin met sometime during their high school time. Godfrey was in a high school seminary while Joseph and Martin were in a secular high school. They always shared their future prospects and thus Godfrey wanted to be a priest while Joseph and Martin a medical doctor.

Years later, they all shared a common interest in reaching out to the less privileged members of the community where they lived. Martin graduated as a medical doctor, Joseph as a demographer. The two continued their early zeal of taking care of the marginalized folks and in their capacity they rendered social and medical assistance to them. Godfrey too always visited and prayed with those at the community’s footstool. Later Joseph, Martin and Godfrey started Mystical Rose Foundation to further their humanitarian cause. A lot was done by this trio in the community as will see in the gallery.

The trio geared the start of Mystical Rose Medical Centre in Kyarusozi, Kyenjojo District as a way bringing closer the medication to those that having health troubles. The medical helps in providing basic healthcare, mostly treating common cases those that can easily be managed at community level.

Godfrey Ssebikyu

Martin Senfuma

Joseph Ssonko


To promote the wellbeing and healthy of less privileged community and inclusion of orphans, older persons, and reduced poverty and discrimination among the disabled.


A Uganda where everyone experience God’s promised love and convenient equal self-sustaining society.


  • God’s love & care
  • Positivity
  • Social protection
  • Reintegration
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
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